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Coping Skills


Put it all together! Once you’ve gathered all of your items, put them together in a box or other container, decorate it to your heart’s content, and put it in a place where you’ll remember it and use it.

Opposite Action

(Doing something the opposite of your impulse that’s consistent with a more positive emotion)

1. Affirmations and Inspirations (Ex: looking at or drawing motivational statements or images)

2. Something funny or cheering (Ex: funny movies/TV/books)

Emotional Awareness

(Tools for identifying and expressing your feelings)

Examples: A list or chart of emotions, a journal, writing supplies, drawing & art supplies

Crisis Plan

(Contact info of supports and resources for when coping skills aren’t enough)

Family/Friends Therapist Psychiatrist Hotline Crisis Team/ER 911


(Tools for centering and grounding yourself in the present moment) Examples: Meditation or relaxation recordings, grounding objects (like a rock or paperweight), yoga mat, breathing exercises


(Comforting yourself through your five senses)

1. Something to touch. (EX: stuffed animal, stress ball)

2. Something to hear. (Ex: music, meditation guides)

3. Something to see. (Ex: snow globe, happy pictures)

4. Something to taste. (Ex: mints, tea, sour candy) 5. Something to smell. (EX: lotion, candles, perfume)


(Taking your mind off the problem for a while) Examples: Puzzles, books, artwork, crafts, knitting, crocheting, sewing, crossword puzzles, Sudoku, positive websites, music, movies, etc.

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